Website Design

I specialise in responsive website design meaning the website adjusts to the platform the user is browsing on be it a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile device. The bonus is it’s a very economical option and easier to maintain.


Web and Print designs have distinctive differences, so at Deep Designer we make sure that the tools and techniques we use enhance the design

E-Commerce Solutions

More and more people are shopping online now than ever before.  Some people estimate that almost 90% of all purchases will eventually be done

Content Management

Being able to create, update, edit and maintain your content is one of the most important tools you need to engage customers and increase

Online Marketing

Website SEO, Google Adwords setup & optimisation, keyword analysis and competitor analysis are among the many services I offer.  SEO (Search engine optimisation) isn’t

Brand Development

First impressions count! When you see a brand for the first time you want to be able to trust and understand what they are

What makes me different...

Personalised CMS

Tailored CMS (Control Management Systems) for your website, to suit your specific needs, making it a breeze to update and add content yourself.

Competitive Prices

I have less overheads compared to large design firms and I also do most work myself from design to development, lowering my overall costs.

Experience Across Industries

I have loads of experience doing work for educational institutions, hospitality, mining, creating personal blogs and websites.

Design & UX First

I am a designer first not a an IT geek and I know that great design builds trust. Let me help you build your trust with potential customers as it’s important to get this right along with a great user-friendly experience (UX) for both customers and staff.

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